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Maxed Out: A Closer Look at Coffee Consumption in Finland

By Chris Kolbu CULTURE/LEARN The statistics are presented at every opportunity: Finns are the people with the highest consumption of coffee in the world, at 12 kilos per person per year. But those are averages, and those don’t necessarily tell the real story of who’s drinking what. Inspired by this recent article from the Washington Post, detailing the spread in the alcohol consumption of the American populace (long story short: 30% don’t drink at all; the top 10% consume fully half of the alcohol(!)), it would be interesting to see whether any statistics like these existed for coffee. After all, the history of coffee in the Nordic countries closely mirrors that of alcohol. With Finns being the übermensch of global...

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“The Virtues of Coffee” Explained in 1690 Ad: The Cure for Lethargy, Scurvy, Dropsy, Gout & More

  According to many historians, the English Enlightenment may never have happened were it not for coffeehouses, the public sphere where poets, critics, philosophers, legal minds, and other intellectual gadflies regularly met to chatter about the pressing concerns of the day. And yet, writes scholar Bonnie Calhoun, “it was not for the taste of coffee that people flocked to these establishments.” Indeed, one irate pamphleteer defined coffee, which was at this time without cream or sugar and usually watered down, as “puddle-water, and so ugly in colour and taste [sic].” No syrupy, high-dollar Macchiatos or smooth, creamy lattes kept them coming back. Rather than the beverage, “it was the nature of the institution that caused its popularity to skyrocket during...

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Coffee-drinkers less likely to die from certain diseases

People who report drinking three to five cups of coffee per day are less likely to die prematurely from heart disease, suicide, diabetes or Parkinson's disease, US researchers said. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee were shown to have benefits, said the study by researchers at the Harvard University Chan School of Public Health published in the November 16 edition of the journal Circulation.The study compared people who don't drink coffee, or drank less than two cups daily, to those who reported drinking "moderate" amounts of coffee, or up to five cups daily.The study did not prove a cause-and-effect for coffee and the reduced likelihood of certain diseases, but uncovered an apparent link that aligns with previous research, and that scientists would...

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5 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails You Will Love

By Malory Craft  There’s nothing better in the fall than a hot cup of coffee– but I actually prefer a cold brew when the weather cools down. Cold brew is great – the coffee is more concentrated and the caffeine seems to absorb in my blood system faster. It’s basically how I get going in the morning. Now, add some liquor to a cold brew and you’ve got my heart. I’m going to start with an easy way to make cold brew coffee overnight and then move on to some awesome cocktails you can make with your coffee. 5 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails: Cold Brew Coffee How-To Ingredients: 7 tbsp ground coffee (dark roast always works better here) a French press 2 cups water Directions: Combine...

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Why You Should Add Butter To Your Coffee

By editor Usually, when we drink coffee, we add some sugar and cream to improve its taste to our liking. But there’s a new trend now that could make you stop using the sugar and cream – a pat of butter. This trend goes by the name Bulletproof Coffee, and is believed to be able to help you kick your day into overdrive. Many wellness experts support the use of butter to boost coffee’s taste and effect. If you’re unsure whether to try it, here are some reasons that could convince you to add some butter in your coffee tomorrow 1.Great for People On the Go If you start work or school early, you don’t always have time for breakfast...

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