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The Future of Coffee Farming Is Female

BY ANNA BRONES. Women around the world are the backbone of global agricultural production, making up almost half of the worldwide agricultural workforce. In some countries, that number goes as high as 70%. Women play a vital role in getting food to our table, and yet because of deep gender inequalities, many of those women aren’t able to realize their full potential, both as workers and as community members. From earning little (to sometimes no income) to lack of representation in leadership roles to access and control of land, women in agriculture face many obstacles. Tackling those obstacles provides an opportunity for change. Today, it’s estimated that eliminating the gap between men and women in access to agricultural resources would...

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Students have designed an amazing new afterlife for our leftover coffee grounds

by MORGAN SHOAFF For many of us, coffee is essentially magic. You buy it, you brew it, you drink it — it never lets you down. You get that nice little caffeine buzz going, and you're instantly launched into "I can do anything!" mode. But have you ever thought about where your leftover coffee grounds go when you're done with them? Some people compost; others choose the trash. Or, you know, some people find ways to save lives with their grounds. Students from the University of Toronto are using coffee grounds to create an alternative to firewood for women and children in refugee camps. Those coffee grounds you had from last week = a burnable log that helps kids? Yes. It's...

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Millennials are hopelessly hooked on coffee and they're pushing demand up

BY: NICOLE GALLUCCI Over the years, coffee consumption has become a crucial part of the millennial identity. Whether it's used to fuel an early morning wake-up, a late night of working or simply to inspire some extra likes on their Instagram accounts, there's no denying that today's young adults are seriously immersed in the coffee craze. In fact, a new report from Bloomberg shows that millennials have grown so accustomed to their daily caffeine kick that their massive consumption of coffee has pushed global demand to a record high. According to Chicago-based researcher Datassential, people aged between around 19 to 34 currently make up about 44 percent of the U.S. coffee demand. Surprisingly, during the past eight years, while millennial coffee consumption...

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Coffee For Your Skin

  A timeless luxury, this amazing smelling coffee scrub is packed with antioxidants and will gently exfoliate your face and body for a fresh, polished feel. Heralded as the crème de la crème of java, Jamaican Blue coffee works to lessen skin imperfections while helping to smooth fine lines. The natural humectants in coconut sugar and pure cane sugar juice will buff and smooth your skin- leaving it velvety to the touch. Decadent vanilla bean infused oils further help in moisturizing and lightly perfuming your skin. Scotty D's Blue Mountain Coffee Scrub is a must have for your natural beauty arsenal.

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Coffee Got Complicated: Know Your Natural From Your Washed From Your Honey

  Coffee is getting complicated. And I don’t mean understanding the difference between an American cappuccino (obnoxiously oversized like a bowl of fettuccine Alfredo from Cheesecake Factory) and the daintier original invented by the Italians (who are generally horrified by both our bastardization and willingness to drink one at any time of day.) But I digress. Consider the term “green coffee.” Even the hue of standard commodity beans — the second most heavily traded commodity in the world after crude oil –- can be several shades removed. Referring to the color of beans before roasting, green coffee can range from dark raisin to dried chickpea, and the taste profiles, for those attuned to them, can also be wildly different. This...

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