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The Growth of Blue Mountain Coffee in China, Japan, and Korea

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Coffee is certainly the first drink of choice for a majority of people around the world. Being an epitome of caffeine source, most working people resort to a cup of coffee when it comes to plodding through tiresome projects late at night. Even the youth is not behind! And why not? Caffeine is a stimulant that, when consumed in adequate amounts, is known to give a boost to focus and alertness.

But coffee itself comes in various varieties, each with its unique taste as well as a different price depending upon its quality. One of the most sought-after is the Blue Mountain Coffee or Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

What is the Blue Mountain Coffee?

Simply stated, Blue Mountain Coffee is a variety of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. The Blue Mountains happen to be the most extensive mountain range in Jamaica. The blue mountain coffee was introduced in Jamaica in 1728. The plantations of this coffee variety are ample in Jamaica and mainly concentrated in the Blue Mountains.

What is so special in Blue Mountain Coffee?

The Blue Mountain Coffee is characterized by the subtle mildness in its flavor. Moreover, this variety of coffee is devoid of bitterness - which makes it very alluring. Owing to these "virtues," the price at which the Blue Mountain Coffee is sold is also pretty high. Consequently, it is also considered as a luxury product.

What is the status of Blue Mountain Coffee in Japan?

Japan generally buys about 80-90% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and hence, happens to be its biggest consumer. Owing to this fact, the market for this coffee in Japan is well developed. However, the Jamaican companies dealing in the retail of Blue Mountain Coffee do not prefer the concentration of its sale in the same region.

The fundamental reason for this lies in the fact that about a decade ago, during the financial crisis, Japan receded from the market and consequently huge losses were incurred by the retailing companies. Thus, it was decided to extend the market of the Blue Mountain Coffee to other regions such as China, the United States, and Korea.

How is the Blue Mountain Coffee Performing in the New Markets?

The Chinese population happens to be more inclined towards tea consumption owing to which, the purchase of coffee by China is quite minuscule. Accompanied with this is the fact that the people prefer exotic varieties of coffee over the local ones. Thus, the Blue Mountain Coffee is slowly gaining popularity in China (which might even start its cultivation in the long run).

In other markets such as the United States or Korea also, the Blue Mountain Coffee has been well received by the public and is increasingly gaining popularity. However, being a luxury product, it fetches quite high prices and hence might be out of budget for some households.

Final Thoughts

Out of the various available varieties of coffee, the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most expensive and sought-after variety. The fertile soils of Blue Mountains of Jamaica render it a unique mildly acidic flavor which is also accompanied by a lack of bitterness. However, owing to the exorbitant prices, it is considered a luxury product. With an established market in Japan, it is slowly gaining popularity in other regions such as the United States, China, and Korea.

Several companies deal with Jamaican Blue Mountains Coffee, one of them being the Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee which runs an online store and provides its customers with 100% authentic Blue Mountains Coffee.

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  • John

    Coffe production in China is a bit recent to be widely regarded as anywhere like good, except a few lucky early producers, but it is slowly changing as production is increasing and producers get more experience.

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