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Damian Scott is the founder of Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee. Damian Scott had a dream to bring Jamaican Coffee to the forefront of coffee drinkers worldwide. Damian Scott is carrying on the legacy of Jamaican Coffee that his grandfather Walter Scott started many decades ago. Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee officially opened for business in 2014 and the headquarters is located in Orange County, California. Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee specializes in 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and various Blue Mountain blends. The business currently sells roasted coffee primarily on the online store. 



Damian went back to Jamaica on vacation in the spring of 2012. While relaxing in Jamaica, a close friend to his parents conjured up the idea to import Blue Mountain Coffee to the United States. Damian and his mother thought about the opportunity and discussed it throughout the year. 

In 2013, Damian was playing American football in Sweden for the Tyreso Royal Crowns. Damian noticed that Sweden had a robust coffee culture and explored the idea of importing coffee to Sweden. Sweden's coffee culture is called Fica. Fica is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning "to have coffee". This is often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie. While enjoying numerous Fica days in Stockholms summer cafes, he noticed that Swedes would drink 4-6 cups of coffee on a daily basis. Damian's roommate would drink roughly 8 cups of coffee a day on a normal basis. Damian had his father import some Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for his roommate to try. Damian's roommate finished the bag of coffee with his friends and said that it was the best coffee he's ever tried. They mentioned how the coffee was very rare to the Scadanavian region. Damian moved back to the United States later on that year, and started the business the following year.

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