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Coffee Got Complicated: Know Your Natural From Your Washed From Your Honey

  Coffee is getting complicated. And I don’t mean understanding the difference between an American cappuccino (obnoxiously oversized like a bowl of fettuccine Alfredo from Cheesecake Factory) and the daintier original invented by the Italians (who are generally horrified by both our bastardization and willingness to drink one at any time of day.) But I digress. Consider the term “green coffee.” Even the hue of standard commodity beans — the second most heavily traded commodity in the world after crude oil –- can be several shades removed. Referring to the color of beans before roasting, green coffee can range from dark raisin to dried chickpea, and the taste profiles, for those attuned to them, can also be wildly different. This...

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by CHRIS SWIFT     THE MAN BEHIND THE TUX James Bond, the most famous spy that never existed, was created by Ian Fleming in 1952 while living in Jamaica. He was 43. Much of Bond's proclivities seem to come directly from the writer's own life, such as a fondness for scrambled eggs, fine cars and exotic travel. One pleasure Fleming placed in a couple of his books was the love of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Spending two months out of every year living in Jamaica, Mr. Fleming would write his stories and partake in the local brew named for its growing region in the Blue Mountains. According to New York Times writer, David Allan; When Fleming made his first visit to the island...

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Blue Mountain Coffee Brulee

Ingredients: 24 oz. Heavy Cream 8 oz. Milk 5 oz. Granulated Sugar 12 Egg Yolk 1 Vanilla Bean 2 tsp. Blue Mountain Coffee Directions Boil heavy cream, milk, vanilla bean and half of sugar. Mix the rest of the sugar with egg yolk, add a little of the boiling milk to it. Whisk. Pour in the rest of the boiling mil and reduce heat. Mix well until thicken and smooth Back at 250 degree for 30 min. Serves 5. Enjoy.

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5 Negative Impacts Global Warming Has on Coffee

    By Tamsin Oxford   Global warming is definitely not a fictitious story told over a hot cup of coffee. Here are five reasons why climate change is hurting the coffee trade. 1. Higher Temperatures Coffee is all about the area and the temperature – it needs specific climate zones to flourish and even the smallest shift in heat or cold can have a significant effect on the quality and yield of the beans. In some areas that are traditionally associated with superb coffee crops, there have been unusual shifts in temperature and this has led to crops failing. In Africa, it has been found that higher temperatures could see an almost 100 percent reduction in coffee-suitable climates by 2080,...

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  Many of us associate coffee with mornings. It's what we need to kick-start the day. Wherever you may be in the world, you will find people looking forward to relishing their morning pick-me-up cup of coffee. For a lot more people, especially those in desk jobs, coffee commands a large portion of their liquid intake.Arabica coffee beans are recognized as a better-flavored coffee. There are two main species of coffees that are grown for sale on the market: Robusta and Arabica. Gourmet coffee shops serve the smooth and palatable Arabica coffee, while the worst mug of coffee you ever had probably came from a pot of bitter Robusta coffee that was sitting for a long time.Most specialty coffee and...

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