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Cold Brew Coffee

A hot cup of coffee is often a good approach to warm up the stomach early in the morning. It helps to rejuvenate the mind and prepare the body for the work of the day. In fact, hot coffee is very popular among the average working people across the world. To this extent, people used to hot coffees never thought it could be otherwise. You’d definitely be amazed to hear that a coffee can be brewed cold! The truth be told, a cold coffee is as good as a hot one. In fact, it also gives almost the same caffeine boost in the body system. Many people think that cold brewing is never possible because brewing coffee requires a particular...

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5 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails You Will Love

By Malory Craft  There’s nothing better in the fall than a hot cup of coffee– but I actually prefer a cold brew when the weather cools down. Cold brew is great – the coffee is more concentrated and the caffeine seems to absorb in my blood system faster. It’s basically how I get going in the morning. Now, add some liquor to a cold brew and you’ve got my heart. I’m going to start with an easy way to make cold brew coffee overnight and then move on to some awesome cocktails you can make with your coffee. 5 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails: Cold Brew Coffee How-To Ingredients: 7 tbsp ground coffee (dark roast always works better here) a French press 2 cups water Directions: Combine...

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Japan Ready To Reclaim Blue Mountain Coffee Market

Published:Wednesday | September 2, 2015 Avia Collinder Masanori Nakano, ambassador of Japan to Jamaica, takes in the aroma of Blue Mountain coffee at the head office of the Coffee Industry Board in Kingston on Monday.   Rising levels of coffee consumption in Japan mark the end of a post-recession slump in which that nation cut imports of the bean, a move felt sharply by the coffee industry in Jamaica which until then exported more than 80 per cent of produce to the Asian island nation. But once again, the world's No. 3 economy is back in contention and they want more Blue Mountain coffee. Acting director general of the Coffee Industry Board Steve Robinson said on Monday that Blue Mountain coffee...

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Another Perk for Drinking Coffee

  By Dr. Mercola Nearly 60 percent of Americans drink coffee, and for many the habit is a daily one.1 Coffee drinking has long been viewed as more of a vice or a crutch to get a quick energy boost to power through the day, but this view is now changing as the health benefits of coffee continue to be revealed. This is good news for those of you who sip on a cup of joe in the morning, as it turns out this may be a quite healthy way to start your day.However, please remember that coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world. If you drink it please be sure to get organic...

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