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5 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails You Will Love

By Malory Craft  There’s nothing better in the fall than a hot cup of coffee– but I actually prefer a cold brew when the weather cools down. Cold brew is great – the coffee is more concentrated and the caffeine seems to absorb in my blood system faster. It’s basically how I get going in the morning. Now, add some liquor to a cold brew and you’ve got my heart. I’m going to start with an easy way to make cold brew coffee overnight and then move on to some awesome cocktails you can make with your coffee. 5 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails: Cold Brew Coffee How-To Ingredients: 7 tbsp ground coffee (dark roast always works better here) a French press 2 cups water Directions: Combine...

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Cold Brew Coffee with the Toddy Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee with the Toddy Coffee Maker  by Michael Allen Smith Many years ago when I knew far less about coffee than I do today, I attempted my first cold brew coffee. It was a disaster. The coffee was so vile and disgusting I threw it out after a single sip. At the time I assumed it was an inferior brewing method and never gave it another chance. Recently I met some fellow home coffee roasters whose opinion I really respected. They told me of their love for the cold brew method. It was time to give the Toddy another chance. The first thing you learn is that you aren’t brewing coffee. You are brewing a coffee concentrate. The coffee...

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Why You Don’t Have to Kick Your Keurig To The Curb

Why You Don’t Have to Kick Your Keurig To The Curb  BY DR. TERRY SIMPSON How I make coffee in the morning. I don’t own a Keurig, nor am I paid by them. But I do love coffee – and … When I was dating my wife April, I bought her a Keurig coffee maker. The Keurig® K-Cup® K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers turned into our favorite machine. We were living in different cities at the time- and she didn’t have a reliable coffee maker to make that one cup she wanted in the morning. She thought this was one of the best gifts I ever gave her. For the first few months of her pregnancy we were still...

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Troubleshooting Bad Coffee (French Press)

Troubleshooting Bad Coffee   by Michael Allen Smith Beginners can make some mistakes early on that may result in less-than-optimal coffee. So first, start with some quality coffee. Below is a chart of some common press pot problems and my solution. PROBLEM SOLUTION Coffee Tastes Weak Most likely the grind is too coarse. Grind the coffee a little finer. Also make sure you are allowing the coffee to steep for 3-4 minutes. Coffee Tastes Bitter The coffee has been ground too fine. Next time use a coarser grind. Coffee Taste Too Strong Use a 3 minute steep. Don’t let the brewed coffee sit inside the glass beaker brewing. Move it from the press pot to a thermal container or just brew what...

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