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Report: Coffee Can Have Positive Effect on Your Golf Game

  by Brendan Mohler Do you typically drink coffee before a round of golf? If so, an Auburn University study has good news for you. And if you're not a coffee-drinking golfer, you may want to reconsider your pre-round beverage. The study, cited by Reuters, concluded that coffee in moderate dosage can knock two strokes off the score of collegiate golfers. The study involved 12 male golfers with handicaps between three and 18 and was held over two consecutive days. Each golfer played two 18-hole competitive rounds, one each on consecutive days. Each player each took either a 155-milligram caffeine supplement or a placebo before their tee times, and another after nine holes. They also took three energy and mood...

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Another Perk for Drinking Coffee

  By Dr. Mercola Nearly 60 percent of Americans drink coffee, and for many the habit is a daily one.1 Coffee drinking has long been viewed as more of a vice or a crutch to get a quick energy boost to power through the day, but this view is now changing as the health benefits of coffee continue to be revealed. This is good news for those of you who sip on a cup of joe in the morning, as it turns out this may be a quite healthy way to start your day.However, please remember that coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world. If you drink it please be sure to get organic...

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Biodegradable Coffee Cups Embedded With Seeds Grow Into Trees When Thrown Away

by Dovas A creative company in California called Reduce. Reuse. Grow has designed a coffee cup that is not only biodegradable, but even has seeds in its walls so that it can be planted and grown! The cups, which are currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, will have seeds embedded in their walls based on their locations. Participating stores will encourage people to plant the cups themselves or to return them to be planted by the company. Read on for designer Alex Henige’s answers to some of Bored Panda’s questions about his unique cup design! More info: | Kickstarter (h/t: laughingsquid) “We have such a diverse ecosystem here that we have the ability to test over 1000 species pretty...

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What We Could All Learn From Sweden's Coffee-Break Ritual

The Huffington Post  |  By Alison Spiegel Coffee culture is a beautiful thing the world over. In Italy, cappuccinos are only meant for the morning and in Vietnam, coffee comes with a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk. In many parts of Europe coffee is quickly consumed while standing at a cafe, and in the United States, we often take our coffee -- or dessert-like coffee beverages -- to go. Sweden has a coffee culture all its own, and a new book calledFika: The Art Of The Swedish Coffee Break explains what that culture looks like. Anna Brones wrote the book -- which came out on April 7 -- Johanna Kindvall illustrated it, and both of them developed the recipes....

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Cold Brew Coffee with the Toddy Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee with the Toddy Coffee Maker  by Michael Allen Smith Many years ago when I knew far less about coffee than I do today, I attempted my first cold brew coffee. It was a disaster. The coffee was so vile and disgusting I threw it out after a single sip. At the time I assumed it was an inferior brewing method and never gave it another chance. Recently I met some fellow home coffee roasters whose opinion I really respected. They told me of their love for the cold brew method. It was time to give the Toddy another chance. The first thing you learn is that you aren’t brewing coffee. You are brewing a coffee concentrate. The coffee...

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