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Introducing Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee   One of the few pleasures in life comes from food and drink. Coffee is certainly one of the things at the top of the list for a lot of people. And when you have a really good cup of coffee, you can certainly see why so many people love it so much. For those of us that need a good kick of caffeine or those that just like to have a good cup of coffee over a conversation with a long time friend, you want to make sure you are getting the best coffee there is, and for that, you need to get Blue Mountain Coffee. What is Blue Mountain Coffee?  Well it hails from the...

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Why is Blue Mountain Coffee so good and cost so much?

  Their are various reasons why Blue Mountain Coffee taste so good and cost so much. We are going to focus on 4 reasons for the cost and great taste. These factors will make you appreciate Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee even more. Reason #1 -The total output from the Blue Mountains is relatively low compared to other coffee producing countries. Compared to other coffee growing countries, the amount of coffee-grown in Jamaica is very small. Currently, Jamaica is producing between 4 and 5 million pounds a year. By way of comparison, Brazil produces about 4 billion pounds, and the Dominican Republic produces over 118 million pounds. Reason #2- Intense Labor There isn't any flat growing areas in the Blue Mountains. Coffee trees are...

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Brewing Your Coffee

BREWING YOUR COFFEE There are many different techniques in brewing a fine cup of coffee. In order to get the best taste, you should brew your coffee based on your needs and individual desires. The quality and flavor of your coffee is not only dependent on the brewing process but also on the type of coffee you choose. In my opinion, a pour over method is the best way to enjoy Blue Mountain Coffee. Brewing Tips Clean your equipment thoroughly after each use by rinsing it with hot water and towel dry. Purchase freshly roasted coffee if possible as it is imperative to a superb brew. You should buy coffee that was roasted 1-3 days before purchase (ideally you should...

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