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Why is Blue Mountain Coffee so good and cost so much?


Their are various reasons why Blue Mountain Coffee taste so good and cost so much. We are going to focus on 4 reasons for the cost and great taste. These factors will make you appreciate Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee even more.

Reason #1 -The total output from the Blue Mountains is relatively low compared to other coffee producing countries.

Compared to other coffee growing countries, the amount of coffee-grown in Jamaica is very small. Currently, Jamaica is producing between 4 and 5 million pounds a year.

By way of comparison, Brazil produces about 4 billion pounds, and the Dominican Republic produces over 118 million pounds.

Reason #2- Intense Labor

There isn't any flat growing areas in the Blue Mountains. Coffee trees are planted in small groups on the side of the mountains. Some of the slopes can be as steep as 70 degrees.

Reason #3- The growing conditions in the Blue Mountains are unique

The cool conditions in the Blue Mountains mean that it takes about 10 months from bloom to harvest. So it takes twice as long to receive coffee cherries in the Blue Mountains compared to other coffee growing regions.

The volcanic soil, and the cool weather of the mountains gives the coffee a unique taste of its own.

Reason #4- Quality Control by the CIB

The coffee is graded for size, with beans that are either too large or two small being rejected. The coffee that is rejected can be used domestically, but not for export. Typically, only 85% of the beans are good enough for export. If an estate or processor wants to export its coffee, that coffee has to be tasted and evaluated by the Industry Coffee Board first.


After tasting a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee, you can now appreciate the efforts that were taken in growing, processing and roasting this excellent one of a kind coffee. You can try Scotty D's "100" Jamaican Coffee to taste the experience.


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