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Scotty D's 100% Blue Mountain Coffee

Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee

Scotty D's 100% Blue Mountain Coffee

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100% of the finest hand-picked Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica. Scotty D's Jamaican Blue Mountain is a coffee with a balanced medley of coffee flavors depicting a richness and sweetness that is hardly describable. A rich aroma with perfect acidity makes this coffee regarded as one of the signature coffees of the world.

Flavor Profile
Aroma: Caramel, Nutty
Flavor: Balanced sweet, Nutty 
Body: Medium
Acidity: Low
600 - 2000 meters

These beans were grown in the parish of St. Andrew in the world famous Jamaica Blue Mountains. What makes the Jamaica Blue Mountains such an ideal location for coffee production is their rich volcanic soil, cool climate and high rainfall, which all combine to produce a perfect environment for the arabica typica bean to flourish.