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Coffee Naps Might Be The Secret To More Energy


Have you heard of coffee naps? 

It could change your life. A coffee nap is exactly what it sounds like: You drink a cup of coffee, then immediately take a nap. Yes, this sounds like opposite land, but here’s the deal: The caffeine in coffee doesn’t kick in for about 30 minutes, so if you nap right after you drink the coffee, the caffeine will kick in right when you wake up.

Power naps have already been proven to be effective in improving alertness and performance, but take one for 30 minutes after having a cup of coffee and you’ll wake up just as the caffeine starts to work.

The result? Feeling refreshed and stimulated like never before.

Coffee napping might be excellent for the lucky few who work from home and can afford a half hour snooze mid-morning – or for those times when you need a pick-me-up before a long night.

Basically, if you have the time, get the benefits of a nap … and a jolt of caffeine. Win-win!

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