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Chinese Coffee Growth

The coffee market in constant growth: Key figures

Although the Chinese market is deeply rooted in the tea culture tradition, Chinese consumers tend to increasingly drink more and more coffee and it starts to be a part of their daily lives.

The numbers speak for themselves, the Chinese coffee market grew by 15% globally and this seems to be only the beginning…
Vietnam is the first importer country of coffee to China with more than half of the production imported.
China is tending to be more engaged globally, although China is importing most of its coffee abroad, the country is starting to be autonomous regarding the production of its own coffee. more information here.
Yunnan province accounts for 95% of coffee production in China. Traditionally Yunnan was a tea producing province.

 A new way of life

China is changing very rapidly, Chinese consumers have new needs and a new lifestyle. Chinese people tend to be more and more opened to the Western culture side.
It is not the “China” that it was 20 years ago, from now on, Chinese are not only working just for living but they start to working for enjoying.
Even this is only the beginning, Chinese consumers are finding in coffee a new way for socializing, talking business and relaxing…


Chinese consumers don’t have the same approach regarding the coffee. This whole change is definitely facilitating your business if you want to sell coffee. Most of the international companies such as Starbucks, Nestle and Costa Coffee … etc. took advantage of this new wave.



The digitalization around the coffee

Before talking about the “success story” of most of the international companies that are breaking into the Chinese market, it is important to quote an essential point.

Recently these years, there is a big phenomenon around taking pictures of food, “selfies” and “shooting moments” to share with friends on social networks. The idea is to catch a moment of relaxation, take a picture of his cup of coffee, making a shoot of the moment.

This is a phenomenon that is just at its beginning due to the unprecedented evolution of connected objects. Chinese consumers are highly connected consumers.


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